Q: Do you have a wedding package?

A: We do, as soon as it is available to post, we will. For now, please give us a call for package info.

Q: Do I have to choose one of the menus you offer or can they be customized?

A: Customization is always an option. We excel and take pride in providing delectable cuisine that you can be proud to serve, and that we are proud to say we made. We will do whatever we can to work with you to create a menu that you and your guests will love. Some types of customization can affect pricing, which is determined on a per event basis.

Q: How much consultation time can I have with your Event Coordinator?

A: AS MUCH AS YOU NEED! There is absolutely no limit to how many questions you can ask, how many meetings you can have, or how much time can be spent planning your event. You deserve to feel comfortable that things will go as planned!

Q: What other charges and fees are there?

A: All catering quotes are built as a custom package price, at a per person rate. All labour setup, delivery & rental of dishware, etc is included in this price. On your quote, you will see listed the number of staff that will be at your event, only to be adjusted if attendance numbers change. Taxes (13% HST) are always charged (of course), 17% gratuity where service is required.

Q: Do you do deliveries or pick-ups?

A: Yes! We have options for both deliveries and pick-ups.

For deliveries, there is a minimum of $500 in food sales required, not including any delivery fees. Deliveries can be made any time until 5pm, subject to availability.

There are no minimum sales required for pick-up orders – just come by and pick up your order at a pre-determined time!

If you aren’t sure if your event fits in the above parameters, please feel free to contact us and ask!

Q: Do you have minimum guest counts for offsite catering?

A: For offsite weddings there is a minimum guest count of 75 on Fridays and Saturdays, and 50 for events Sunday through Thursday.

For other events involving staffing, there is a minimum of $2500 in food and beverages sales required.

If you aren’t sure if your event fits in the above parameters, please feel free to contact us and ask!

Q: Can I provide my own alcohol and have you serve it? Will you cater just the food and I can provide my own bar and/or bartenders?

A: At the Charcoal Group and Wildcraft, we pride ourselves on the highest standards in hospitality and service. These standards are extremely important to us as they are the foundation of our brand, our history and the reputation in the community we have built for over 60 years.

It is for this reason that we typically have to decline to cater events where we are not providing the beverage services. We recognize that we may actually cater less events with this policy in place. However, it is too important to us to provide an overall experience that reflects our brand and who we are as a provider of enlightened hospitality to compromise those standards. We feel if we cater less events, but if those events are all presented in the most polished and professional manner, then we will be further ahead in the eyes of our guests.

Q: Can you help me out with chairs, tables, linens, tents, décor, etc?

A: YES! We are more than happy to take some of the work off your plate to make your event go smoothly. Sometimes we will recommend other suppliers for décor that is very involved or for specialty needs. However, we can help you out with most things you will need, including setting tables with favours, menus, place cards and centerpieces.

Q: Can you accommodate my guests’ gluten/dairy/nut allergy/vegetarian/vegan request?

A: YES! Every single day in our restaurants we accommodate these types of requests. Our chefs are all fully trained on proper food handling procedures for allergies. If necessary, we would be happy to design a menu that will take the worry away by not including the item that may be an issue.

Q: I have chosen a venue without a kitchen. Can we still have a hot, fresh meal? Do you prepare your food ahead of time?

A: Wherever humanly possible we cook food onsite to ensure freshness and the utmost in quality. There are many tricks of the trade we can use to do this in a venue with no kitchen. Many venues we cater at don’t allow cooking in the building at all! Sometimes this can slightly limit menu options, but more often than not there is a way to achieve the best menu possible. Our culinary dishes are all freshly prepared, using locally grown and sourced items wherever possible. Our team of chefs and apprentices care passionately about the cuisine they create every day, and particularly enjoy crafting dishes for our guests off-site, in order to demonstrate their skill and knowledge.

Q: Do you offer buffet service/family style/food stations etc?

A: YES! There are a number of menu options posted on our website. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask!

Q: Do you use contract staff?

A: No. Every single one of the team members who works with us at catered events is a hospitality professional, who has been through our extensive training program and who embodies and embraces our service-centred culture.

Q: Will I have enough servers for my guests?

A: We provide more staff per guest than industry standard. As in our restaurants, we have strict guidelines regarding how many guests a server can serve at any one time, and we apply these to our catered events as well. When your quote is provided, you will see a breakdown of exactly how many staff will be at your event, which will only change if numbers change.

Q: Will you travel to London/ Muskoka/ Hamilton/ Toronto/ Ottawa/ Japan?

A: We call ourselves Wildcraft Wherever for a reason – we will go ‘wherever’! Outside of Waterloo Region, we charge a reasonable mileage fee and travel time for staff.

Q: Do you offer tastings?

A: If you have booked your event with Wildcraft and paid a deposit, we can offer the following complimentary items for a tasting: 2 appetizers, 3 entrees, 2 desserts. All items other than that will be charged at full price. Tastings for hors d’oeuvres and food stations will only be offered at full price, and some are either unavailable or subject to minimum orders, due to their custom nature.

Tastings should serve as a way to:

Decide between items you are trying to choose for your menu (ie one chicken dish vs another chicken dish)

Help you decide on items that you have never tasted before or for which you are unsure of the flavour profile

All portions on tastings are the same full portions you would receive at your event.

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